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American Quality

Workers are struggling, that's no secret. Arizonans deserve a leader who fights for them.

Let's face it, when our founding fathers wrote out, "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness"

do you think they would approve of an annual salary of 21-28k for minimum wage workers BEFORE TAX?

That is barely even enough for a new car!

Workers are struggling and sacrificing days, weeks, and years of their lives to help companies that no longer provide pensions, no longer supply 401k or retirement, and are more than happy to replace you with a younger worker as long as it saves a couple thousand a year.

My mother has a deadly disease easily treated by medicine, and has suffered severe heavy metal poisoning because the big pharma companies want to make their medicine as expensive and profitable as possible.  When are we going to leave healthcare to the doctors and keep profit seeking CEO's and corporations out of our healthcare. I want to be able to afford medicine and healthcare without worrying about someone elses profit.

To say we need change is an understatement,

and the time for change is now.

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