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About Me


I am your best option for a confident & competent State Senator.

Eric Stafford is young community organizer, a certified aviation mechanic, machinist, vet- tech and an advocate for hard-working Americans.

Growing up, my mother struggled with heavy metal poisoning from her Wilson's Disease and was unable to afford the medication she needed to keep herself alive. As such, I had to figure my life out all on my own, and raise my little brother while she spent all of her time working at the Hospital.


Over my last 9 years from 17 to 26 I put myself through technical school and got a decent paying job as an A&P Mechanic. Over time, I learnt I wanted more than good pay, and tried other professions. I worked in healthcare as a vet-tech, cut my teeth as a machinist, and finally ended up as an organizer advocating for common-sense politics.


In my time I came face-to-face with some hard truths about what it means to be an “Essential worker”. Many people in the trades are struggling to pay their bills, and traditional benefits such as pensions and 401Ks are few and far between.  The men and women who keep our infrastructure working have a hard time affording the cost of living, let alone vacation and hobbies. The people who work hard jobs to make the world turn, deserve better.

Young people my age have many struggles to overcome as well, college is unaffordable, degrees have less value than ever, and most jobs barely pay enough for us to afford to live.  For many people from all ages, it only takes one major trip to the hospital to be hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. We young people are sick and tired of waiting for the generations before us to fix the problems of today, it is our responsibility to pitch in and help fix it as well. That is why I am running to represent you, and be your next Elected State Senator in LD29 & Governing Board Member

of Agua Fria Union High School District

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