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Building Bridges

Breaking Barriers


 Mainstream media and big politicians on TV will tell you that we are more different than alike. They preach that people who are different than you are the enemy. A political gospel saying that if things go south an appropriate response is a "civil war".


In the greatest country in the world, we should not tolerate such hatred from our countrymen. Our nation is the nation of "E pluribus unum".

out of many, one .


I feel the beating heart of America in every wrench turner, mill-worker, phlebotomist, veterinarian, server and homeless person I have ever met, and this is the reason I am running here now. I have felt the pain, and hopelessness of a grueling 9-5, I have arthritis from injuries I have suffered on jobs, and needed a year of physical therapy for injuries I picked up at 18 and lived with for nearly half a decade.

Todays workforce is much different than the past.

Pensions are a long forgotten relic, 401K's are few and far between, and hard work & loyalty to a corporation often pays with more-work, and little long-term benefits. 

Life is getting harder for all of us, and many do not want to spend their healthy years focused only on work instead of the reasons why we work, like fulfilling hobbies, serving our community, and spending time with those we love. 

I want to see America heal, for families to stop being divided over politics, for people to remember the importance of loving thy neighbor, and for us to come together so we can secure an easier life, good health, and early retirement for the people of Arizona. 

Regardless of party, we all care about the important things.

  • Affordable education

  • Fixing the economy,

  • Affordable Housing

  • Affordable & Available Healthcare

  • Clean Air, and Saving water

  • Free and fair elections

  • Safe and efficient borders

  • Fair pay for fair work

We all understand the value of a diverse population with diverse values, and I aim to represent everyone in this district under bipartisan policies that serve everyone's common interests for a better, stronger community. 

We all bleed red, and the policies that politicians enact affects all voters, regardless of their politics, or who they voted for.

             Let's bring common sense and pragmatism back to our local politics, and build bridges so we can break the barriers holding us back from a simple and comfortable life.


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