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Our Values

Eric decided to pick up the mantle and run for State Senate in LD29, in order to bridge not only our partisan divide but to also bridge the gap between our citizens and the policies effecting them. Eric is dedicated to defending our community and the common values of all Arizonans. The goals of the Stafford 4 AZ campaign are to ensure quality of life for every Arizona resident by increasing wages for the working class people, finding solutions for affordable housing, and supporting strong educational opportunities for high school students across the state. With the help of LD29 voters, we can build bridges and break barriers for a better Arizona!

Reproductive Rights

In Arizona abortion is currently illegal after 15 weeks.
This means t
here are currently NO exceptions for rape
non-viable fetuses
 or dangerous pregnan
that threaten the life of a mother. 
This lack of compromise is unacceptable, and
shows that politicians are unable or unwilling to compromise or make any exceptions to protect American lives.
Women, couples, and fam
ilies are more than capable of making these personal choices with their doctors without politicians having their say in


Political Corruption

In 2022, over 1.73 million Arizona voters passed a bipartisan bill called the "Stop Dark Money" act. This bill requires politicians to disclose the names of big money donors, and give voters the right to know who pays their politicians. 

This bill is currently tied up in legal battle and is Openly opposed by the "Republican Party of Arizona"


It is time to fight hard against political corruption, dark money in politics,

and returning the power of politics back to the people.

In OUR LD29 state senate, Eric Stafford swears and pledges to do whatever he can to fight back against corporate corruption and keeping keeping multi billion dollar corportations hands out of our taxpayer cookie jar.

AMerican Quality

Let's face it, when our founding fathers wrote out, "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness"

do you think they would approve of an annual salary of 21-28k for minimum wage workers BEFORE TAX?

That is barely even enough for a new car!

Workers are struggling and sacrificing days, weeks, and years of their lives to help companies that no longer provide pensions, no longer supply 401k or retirement, and are more than happy to replace you with a younger worker as long as it saves a couple thousand a year.

My mother has a deadly disease easily treated by medicine, and has suffered severe heavy metal poisoning because the big pharma companies want to make their medicine as expensive and profitable as possible.  When are we going to leave healthcare to the doctors and keep profit seeking CEO's and corporations out of our healthcare. I want to be able to afford medicine and healthcare without worrying about someone elses profit.

To say we need change is an understatement,

and the time for change is now.

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